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Civil War

8th grade history civil war test- Lawson

this slave claimed he received visions form God to rebel against his slave owners. This became known as... Nat Turner's Rebellion
The Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska act both dealt with what issue? the expansion of slavery into new territories.
This best-selling novel that greatly influenced Northern attitudes toward slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin
The violent acts in Kansas following the Kansas-Nebraska act is referred to as... Bleeding Kansas
Dred Scott was a slave who moved form a slave state to a free state. He appealed to the Supreme Court for his freedom. This court decision became know as... The Dred Scott Decision
The pre-Civil War economy of the Southern States was based on this kind of farming cash crops (like cotton)
He led the 1859 raid and attempted slave uprising at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. John Brown
South Carolina was the first state to secede because of what election 1860
He won the presidency in 1860 and opposed the expansion of slavery. Abraham Lincoln
At one point during our game of Civil War capture the flag the South was forced to walk. What did this represent? That the North had more and better resources and also more men. The North could easily replace men if needed and the South could not.
The slave population was greatest in what region of the country in the mid-1800s The South because most states in the North were free.
A key Union strategy during the Civil War was Blocking the Southern ports (anaconda plan)
A key Confederate strategy of the Civil War was Defending their land
What were 3 major causes of the Civil War? Abolition, equality, states rights, politics, economics, and sectionalism
3 of the North’s economic advantages in the Civil War were... Manufacturing, food production, railroads, immigration, and wealth.
2 of the South’s economic advantages in the Civil War were... Cotton production and slaves
The North’s military advantages were... Larger Army, navy, and more supplies
The South’s military advantages were... Outstanding military officers, strong motivation, fighting on home ground, and soldiers were skilled with guns and horses.
Naval ships during the Civil War... Were steam powered Bigger gun Covered in iron
The opening shots of the Civil War were fired here. Fort Sumter
This was the first major land engagement of the war, took place near Manassas and was a surprising Confederate victory. Bull Run
The turning point of the Civil War was the Confederate loss at this battle. Battle of Gettysburg
On the 3rd day of battle at Gettysburg, the Confederates sent 13,000 men across an open field toward the union center. This is known as... Pickett's Charge
Both Union and Confederate troops spent a lot of down time in camp and would spend a lot of that time... They spent most of their time drilling (practicing), but some was also spent by playing games, telling stories, or writing letters.
In the Gettysburg address Lincoln promoted the concepts of what? freedom and equality
Before the Emancipation Proclamation was issued the primary goal of the North was to preserve what? the union
The Emancipation Proclamation _____________ all ______________in the rebelling states. freed all slaves
African Americans played a huge role in the Civil War. true
Describe how guns had changed prior to the war. The barrels were rifled and the bullets were heavier- shooting farther and more accurately.
It was because of the impact of the Minie ball that their were so many... amputations
Jefferson Davis was... First President of the confederacy during the civil war
Robert E. Lee was... One of the greatest generals in world history
Ulysses S. Grant was... The General of the North that ended the war
Where did General Lee surrender to General Grant on April 9, 1865? Appomattox Courthouse
William T. Sherman and his army’s terrifying journey through Georgia and S. Carolina became known as... Sherman’s March to the sea
Created by: lryan913
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