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Lecture Quizzes

Mid-terms for 2018 Lecture Quizes 1- 15

All of the following are true of the Elizabethan Age except: a.Shakespeare was writing and performing n plays b.People ate heartily during this time c.England lost the war to France d. England experienced the greatest of times during Elizabeth’s reign c???
The Lost Colony is a colony in __________, North Carolina where the English settlers disappeared in 1587 Roanoke
John White was the grandfather of Virginia Dare, the first English baby born in the New World. He was sent on the expedition to settle an English colony because he was an _____ artist/painter
Name the English captain who stole Spanish gold from the New World, sailed around the world, and then led the British in the defeat of the Spanish Armada Sir Francis Drake
The Woodland Indians of Virginia spoke Algonquian and were ruled by a powerful and wise chief named ______ Powhatan
Jamestown was settled in 1607 by a group sent from England called the London Company; it experienced many hardships, which include all of the following except a. Starvation b. Disease c. hurricanes d. Indian attacks c. hurricanes
Pocahontas, an Indian princess, is said to have saved John Smith’s life; he was then able to lead Jamestown back to health WITH WHAT MOTTO? If any would not work, neither should he eat
What is the time period from 1900-1610 called where the colonist at Jamestown experienced when only 60 of the 500 colonists survived The starved time
What crop made Jamestown into a wealthy colony tobacco
Groups came to America for many reasons; however, one people group was forced to come. Who are they Africans
Who were the FIRST Europeans to discover the new world? Scandinavians
What direction do longitude lines go up and down/ north and south
True or False: Columbus almost turned back before he reached the New World True
How did the Spaniards treat the Indians as if they weren't people :(
what Biblical place did Columbus mistake South American for the Garden of Eden
How did Columbus trick the natives of Jamaica to give his sailors food? he used a solar eclipse
True or False: most of the Indians in the NW died of disease (NW= New World) true
What was the name of the French colony in the NW New France
While the Spanish got gold from their colonies in the NW from what did the French make $$$ Fur
The people who wanted to purify the Church of England were called puritans
the group that wanted to separate from the Church of England were called by two names: separatist and ___________ pilgrims
the document written by the separatist to make peace between them and the Strangers was called what? Mayflower Compact
the separatist particularly dislike members of which religious sect? the Quakers
Europeans thought if you made a bargain with the devil you could become a what? witch
How did the Puritans deal with these people who made a deal with the devil burned them at the stake
Which two groups fought vs each other in King Phillips war English colonists vs the French
who won King Phillips war English colonists
True or False: The Puritans thought fun and games were more important that school false
what is a colony? a place that belonged to another country
name the King of England who was beheaded in 1649 which was an important moment in history because it reminded the people that kings could be overthrown King Charles I
Who won the Civil War in England in 1649? Puritans
The main cash crop that made money for Virginia, a southern colony was _______ tobacco
name the group of people living in Virginia who had been stolen from their homes African Slaves :(
What was the shape describing the trade from America to England to Africa triangular trade
Did the colonies have local leaders who made most of the laws resulting in England trying to take back the freedom yep
Who won the French and Indian War England; Si la France a gagné la guerre, les américains parleraient Français et vous savez ce que cela dit
Name the young soldier who would later be a great leader in the War for Independence. He fought in the French and Indian War and was shout at 4 times and had 2 horses shot from under him but still lived George Washington
The land west of what mountains was considered frontier by the colonists Appalachian
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