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Westward Expansion

migration movement from place or region to another
industrialization to introduce industry (businesses and factories) into an area on a large scale
inventor a person who is the first to think or make something
entrepreneur a person who organizes resources to bring new or better good or service to market
abolitionist men and women who thought slavery was wrong and demanded their immediate freedom
suffrage a principle focused on voting rights for as well as equality and justice for all
Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson purchased this land from France which doubled the size of the United States
Florida Spain gave this territory to the United States through the Adams-Onis Treaty
Texas was added to the United States after it became in independent Republic
Oregon was divided by the United States and Great Britain
California the United States received this land along with the Southwest Territory after war with Mexico
Oregon Trail overland trail providing a pathway through the Northwest USA
Santa Fe Trail overland trail providing a pathway through the Southwest USA
Manifest Destiny the idea that expansion was for the good of the country and was the right of the country
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase and Oregon Territory from the Mississippi River to the Pacific
Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin which increased the production of cotton and thus increased the need for slave labor to cultivate and pick the cotton
Jo Anderson an enslaved African-American who worked with Cyrus McCormick to invent the reaper which increased the productivity of the American farmer
Cyrus McCormick an entrepreneur who worked with Jo Anderson to invent the reaper and bring it to the market
Robert Fulton an entrepreneur who improved the steamboat which provided faster river transportation connecting Southern plantations and farms to Northern industries and Western territories
Harriet Tubman led hundreds of enslaved African-Americans to freedom along the Underground Railroad
William Lloyd Garrison wrote the Liberator newspaper and worked for the immediate emancipation of all slaves
Frederick Douglass wrote the North Star newspaper and worked for rights for African Americans and women to better their lives
Isabella Sojourner Truth a former enslaved African-American nationally known for advocating equality and justice
Susan B Anthony advocated voting rights for women and equal rights for all
Elizabeth Cady Stanton played a leadership role in the women's rights movement
Indian Removal Act Gave permission to the federal government to negotiate the exchange of land in the East for land in the West.
Trail of Tears Indian tribes such as the Cherokee were forced off their lands and were forced to relocate in the West (modern day Oklahoma)
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