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7 Hist Ch 9 BJU WS

Andreas Vesalious Studied human anatomy by dissecting human bodies
Antoine Lavoisier Father of Modern Chemistry
Cabinet Form of English government that gradually increased Parliament's power
Catherine the Great (Russia) Russia continued the process of developing a strong monarchy under her rule
Copernicus Theorized that the earth revolves around the sun
Duth Republic/The Netherlands developed a large economic empire without a centralized monarchy
Edmond Halley 1) English astronomer who predicted the orbits of comets 2) A comet is named after him
Edward Jenner Englishman who discovered the use of a vaccine to eliminate smallpox.
Empiricism "experience is the source of knowledge"
English country that has been ruled by kings of German descent
English Bill of Rights Document that limited the king's power; signed by William and Mary so they could take the throne.
Enlightenment undermined the central role of Christianity in the culture of Europe
Eratosthenes 1) Early Greek astronomer and geographer 2) determined the distance around the earth 3) devised the lines of latitude and longitude found on maps today
Euclid Greek mathematician, Father of Geometry
Galileo Galilei Used a telescope to confirm the earth's orbit around the sun
Glorious Revolution Change of power with no violence or war
Hippocrates Father of Medicine, Greek physician who lived around 400BC
John Locke believe that observation, not human reason, is the source of truth
King Charles II (England) the next ruler of England after Oliver Cromwell's death
King James II (England) 1) strong supporter of the Roman Church but was dismissed from the throne of his country ( he peaced out girl scout)
King Louis XIV (France) 1) Monarch who ruled with absolute, unlimited power that became a model for the rest of Europe. 2) France experienced declining wealth during his reign.
Maria Theresa ruled Austria
Paracelsus believed that the body is mostly chemicals and should be treated with chemical
Rationalism "Reason is the source of knowledge"
Reformation Era the interest in learning about the world continued during this era
Rene' Descartes Rationalist who did not trust any path to truth except human reason
Robert Boyle Christian chemist who opposed enemies of Christianity. Wrote the Sceptical Chymist
Secularism demands that religion be excluded
Sir Isaac Newton Studied calculus and laws of gravity and motion
Sir William Herschel Discovered Uranus and made a forty-foot-long telescope
Spanish took lead in exploring and expanding their empire
Spinoza doubted anything in Scripture that he thought was contrary to reason
The Hippocratic Oath Name of the Oath with which many modern doctors pledge to help people and "never do harm".
Tubalcain worked with brass and iron to demonstrate man's instinct to fulfill the Creation Mandate
William Harvey Studied the body's circulatory system
Created by: Mrs_CC