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Honors WWII Projects

Flashcards from Pd 1 WWII Projects 2018

Buchenwald Concentration camp located in Germany that was the first camp to be liberated by US forces
emaciated prisoners prisoners that are abnormally thin or weak, especially because of illness or lack of food
liberation the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release
American ignorance to the Holocaust Most Americans did not know about concentration camps until the first camps were liberated
Soviet Forces as the new political entity was known, called for world Communist revolution in the name of the international working class and advocated, in its propaganda
The Manhattan Project A research project funded by the Allied forces that experimented with nuclear technology and nuclear weapons during WWII
Little boy The uranium based bomb that detonates using a fusion reaction
Fat man The plutonium based bomb that detonates using a fission reaction
Albert Einstein the man who sparked the idea of the Manhattan Project and later worked on it
Operation Citadel Code name used for intended use to eliminate the Red Army at Kursk
Battle of Kursk Started July 5, 1943, biggest tank battle in history
Knew months in advance that they were to be attacked Soviet Union
July 24th, 1943 The day when Mussolini was arrested
Operation Husky The Allied invasion of Sicily that caused the fascist party to fall apart
Prime Minister after Mussolini Pietro Badoglio
Fascist Grand Council The party founded by Mussolini to disguise his control over Italy
The day that Italy's surrender was announced September 8th, 1943
Operation Bodyguard The massive deception of the Allies making the Axis think we were attacking Pas-de-Calais, but they actually attacked the beaches of Normandy
Atlantic Wall 6 point 5 million mines and concrete bunkers with fast firing artillery overlooking all of Europe it stretched from the Arctic Circle to Spain’s Northwestern border
D-Day D-Day stands for the first day of the invasion
General Patton General who commanded phantom army at Pas-de-Calais for Allies
General Eisenhower General who led attack on D-Day for the Allies’ forces
Enola Gay Airplane that dropped the first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima
Little Boy and Fat Man Names of Nuclear Bombs Dropped on Japan
August 15, 1945 Day of Surrender of Japan and Victory in Japan Day Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Vichy France The puppet government of France set up during World War II by occupying German forces
French 2nd Armored Division Formed in late 1943 with the purpose of leading the liberation of Paris
Champs d’Elysees The street on which the liberation march took place after the liberation of Paris, led by de Gaulle and Leclerc
Gato, Bali and Tench the three classes of submarine used in WW2
US Nautilus SSN-571 the first nuclear submarine
SONAR(Sound Navigation and Ranging) radar relying on acoustic signals
Field Marshal Gerd Von Rundstedt German Officer in charge of the Battle of the Bulge
Why was the battle called battle of the “Bulge” The Allied line bulged but never broke in the battle
Bastogne Surrounded town that the Americans successfully defended during the whole battle
December 16, 1944 When Battle of the Bulge started
Antwerp, Belgium Where the Germans wanted to get to
What were conditions like in the Japanese Internment Camps? They were overcrowded with no plumbing or cooking facilities
What was one of the causes of the internment camps? The attack of Pearl Harbor
Rationing Allowing each person to only have a fixed amount of a particular commodity
When was the last internment camp closed? By the end of 1945
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