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History Chp21

Ireland: The Struggle for Independence

Home Rule A parliament in Dublin which would look after Irish affairs
Act of Union,1801 this closed the parliament in Dublin. Irish MP's had to travel to London
Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP) also known as the Home Rule party. Led by John Redmond
Nationalist wanted Ireland to be an independent nation
Unionist wanted Ireland to remain under British rule. Most were Protestants
Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) The political party opposed to Home Rule. Led by Edward Carson
"Home Rule is Rome Rule" Unionist slogan - an argument against Home Rule
Liberals British political party who supported Home Rule
Conservatives British political party who were opposed to Home Rule
Parliament Act 1911 Meant Ireland would have Home Rule by 1914. Stopped the veto of the House of Lords
The Solemn League and Covenant a petition against Home Rule signed by Unionist.
Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) armed group set up by unionists to fight against Home Rule
Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) the Irish police force.
Republicans nationalists who wanted to win a completely independent Irish republic by staging a rebellion
Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) secret republican organisation who planned the 1916 Rising
Irish Citizen Army (ICA) armed group set up to protect workers on strike from attack by the police. James Connolly was their leader
Lockout Employers locked all workers who were members of trade unions out of work
Blood Sacrifice the idea that Irish people would be inspired to fight for an Irish Republic by the death of men in the 1916 Rising.
Frongoch prison camp in Wales where many Irish men were sent after the 1916 Rising.
Sinn Fein small political party that was incorrectly blamed for organising the 1916 Rising. Led by Arthur Griffith
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