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Soc 11 Ancient Greec

Klabunde Ancient Greece

By 750 BC, the _____ , or city state, became the central focus of Greek life. polis
What was the first Greek state? Mycenae
What happened at the battle of Thermopylae? A Greek force of 7,000 (300 Spartans) held off the Persian army of 180,000 for 2 days, and then were defeated.
The conquests of Alexander the Great created the... ...Hellenistic Era
At Thermopylae Pass, the Spartan troops... ...numbered 300 and the Persian troops 180,000.
Who said that "the unexamined life is not worth living?" Socrates
What was the result of Alexander the Great's conquests? Greek language, art, architecture, and literature spread throughout Southeast Asia.
Which three kingdoms emerged following Alexander's death? Macedonia (Pergamum,) Syria (Selucid,) Egypt (Ptolemaic)
The Greeks were separated by _______ and developed independently as a result. Mountains
The _______ civilization was the very first to emerge in ancient Greece. Minoan
Mycenaean king who was entered into battle with Troy Agamemnon
During the Dark Ages of Greece, there was a drop in the production of food and the population decreased. This led mainland Greeks to leave and migrate to other areas. Ionian migration
The strategy used by Athens during the Peloponnesian War was to... ...stay within the city walls.
Which of the following is NOT a proposed cause of the destruction of the Minoan civilization on Crete? A mass migration to roam
According to the writings of Homer, the city of Troy..... ….was sacked by Agamemnon and the Mycenaeans.
An ________ served as a place of refuge during an attack and a religions center as it usually had a temple. acropolis
Solon..... ….canceled all land debts and freed people who had fallen into slavery.
In 490 BC, the Persians landed on the plain of_______, 26 miles from Athens. Marathon
After war with Persia the Spartans became threatened by Athens power. Disputes between city states led to the _______. Peloponnesian War
_________ became the king of Macedonia at the age of 20. Alexander
The capture of Troy by the Greeks, according to Homer, was accomplished by a trick using the Trojan __________. Horse
When the Greek infantry soldiers went into battle, they marched shoulder to shoulder in a formation called a ________. Phalanx
In Sparta, the five elected officials who were responsible for the education of youth and the conduct of all citizens were the _______. ephors
The period of history which saw the height of Athenian power and brilliance and was lead by a brilliant orator and statesman was called the Age of _________. Pericles
______ was the Persian king during the battle of Salamis. Xerxes
During the dark ages of ancient Greece, many people left the Greek mainland and settled on the West coast of Turkey. This area became known as __________. Ionia
________ was the Macedonian king who created the largest empire the ancient world had ever known. Alexander
Spartans needed more land, so the Spartans conquered near by city-states and made the people their slaves. The slaves were called __________. helots
Plato known for his dialogues and his theory of Forms
Socratic Method used to help people discover the answer for themselves; the answer within
acropolis fortified place and religious center
Agora open area used as a market and meeting place
Xerxes Persian king who invaded Greece
Salamis sea battle in which the Greeks defeated the Persians
Socrates believed "the unexamined life is not worth living" sentenced to death for corrupting the youth of Athens.
Hellenistic means to imitate Greeks; era when the Greek culture was spread, multi-cultural
Plataea final land battle of the Greco-Persian wars
phalanx Greek fighting formation
Homer wrote epic poems like the Iliad and the Odyssey
Aristotle believed the best form of government was a constitutional monarchy, Alexander the Great's teacher
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