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LH-2nd Grade History

History Material Test 6

A _____ is a person who goes first and clears the way for others to follow. pioneer
What was a pioneer's main possession? a gun
Give 2 reasons a gun was important to pioneers. 1. He could shoot his dinner. 2. He could protect himself.
In 1775, the land that makes up _____ was bought from the Cherokee Indians. Kentucky
_________ was one of the 1st great pioneers. Daniel Boone
How many men were with Daniel Boone when a path was cut through the forests and mountains of Kentucky? 30 men
What tool did the men use to clear the path through Kentucky? an axe
This rough path cut through the forest and mountains became known as the _________. Wilderness Road
Where did this "road" start? Kentucky
Where did this "road" end? Virginia
How did the families moving west travel? in wagon trains
What was the man who had made the trip westward before called? a wagon master
Name 2 reasons it was important to have a wagon master who had made the trip before leading the pioneers. 1. He knew the dangers of the trip. 2. He knew where to hunt for food and water.
Name 6 items the pioneers took on the trip with them. 1. plow 2. blankets 3. food 4. axes 5. clothing 6. cooking kettle
What animal can be over 10 feet long and usually weigh about 1,000 pounds? They were a main source of food for the Indians and looked like they have beards. buffaloes
Thousands of families moved west. True
There were many stores and doctors out west. False
The pioneer families had no sheriffs or laws. True
If the pioneers ran out of something, they could stop at the nearest store. False
The pioneers could not take many of their belongings with them because they did not have enough room in the wagon. True
The pioneers never had any trouble on their trip westward. False
The pioneer children saw prairie bird towns out west. False
Know one trouble the pioneers encountered on their trip westward. 1. broken wheels 2. sickness 3. Wagons got stuck in the mud. 4. Indians
Created by: PVA 2nd Grade