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Module 3 Review

Which party would most likely support limiting the power of the federal government and lower taxes? Republican Party
Political parties help organize elections by: Choosing candidates
Each state get a different number of electors in the Electoral College. Each state’s number of electors is equal to their number of what? Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress
How do Political Action Committees (PACs) influence the political process? By donating money to political parties and candidates.
In order to win a party’s nomination for political office, candidates must win what election? Primary election
Access to city services, such a fire and police protection, water and sewer services, and parks and recreation facilities is one benefit of: Annexation
How does the use of a referendum increase the power of voters? By allowing voters to approve or reject a proposed law.
The general election takes place in what month? November
Where is the best information on the official views of a political party found? The party’s platform
To let American voters know their opinion on an individual issue like taxes or health care, political parties include a __________________ on the issue in their platform. Plank
How many electoral votes does a candidate have to win in order to become President? 270
To make sure that they do not lose votes, America’s two major parties may adopt the ideas of: Third parties
Sarah believes that all teenagers should have an 11:00 p.m. curfew in her town to make sure that they are safe. How could Sarah influence her local government to make this a local law? She could start a grassroots movement.
Local acts are used by the North Carolina General Assembly to Pass a law that is needed by only a few cities or counties.
What is one advantage of America’s two-party system? The two parties represent opposing views, making it easier for voters to choose.
Which party would most likely support higher taxes on the wealthy and more government funding for government programs? Democratic Party
Created by: Rhiana311
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