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Native Amer. Facts

Native Amer. Facts Chapter 4 Native American Indians information

In which city in Alaska did Russia officially hand over control of Alaska to the Untied States Sitka
In which region of the United States and Canada did the Tlingits live? Northwest region
In which region did the Hopi and Navajo Live? Southwest region
In which region of the United Sates did the Laxota Sioux Live? Plains region
In which area of the United States did the Iroquois Indians live Northeast region
Which indian tribe lived in the Northwestern region of the United States Tlingits
Which indian tribes in the Southwestern region of the United States Hopi and Navajo
which indian tribe lived in the Plain region of the United States Laxota Sioux
Which indian tribe lived in the Eastern Woodlands region of the United States Iroquois
What was the main source of food for the Tlingits salmon
What was the main food source for the Hopi corn
what was the main food source of food for the Laxota Sioux buffalo
What was the main source of food for the Iroquois squash, beans and corn
in what type of home did the Tlingit live plank houses
In what type of home did the Hopi live pueblos and Hogans
In what type of home did the Lakota Sioux live loges at first then teepees
in what type of home did the Iroquois live teepees and wigwams ate first then longhouses
Which Native American tribe used totem poles to honor family members or to mark special events Tlingits
Which Native American tribe believed the kachina spirit brought rain for their crops showed its people how to live and behave and brought peace and prosperity Hopi
which Native American tribe used the coup stick as a special weapon to touch an enemy without killing him Laxota Sioux
Which Native American tribe used small polished beads called wampum made shells Iroquois
Which Native American tribe held special feasts called a potlatch Tlingit
Which Native American tribe all took part in the process of drying farming Hopi
Which Native American tribe used a sled like device called a travios to help carry their people or belonging Lakota Sioux
Which Native American tribe practiced a planting method called dry farming Hopi
which animal changed the way of life for the Laxota Sioux Horse
What do you call the dry land that covers the middle west area called the great plains prairies
What is the area in South Dakota called where the Laxota Sioux lived Black hills
what do we call the apartment style homes from the Southwest region pueblos
what is the special name of the event where the salmon swim up steam in early spring until late summer in which the Tlingits fished 1,000 lbs of slamon Salmon run
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