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JCTKD BB - 10&Under

Black Belt 1st Dan Study Guide

BELT COLORS & MEANINGS Practitioners of Tae Kwon Do wear belts, which represent their level of skill and experience. These colors are presented in the order in which a student will advance in the art. Although belts in Tae Kwon Do do not necessarily represent how good a martial
Yellow: Symbolizes that the student, likened to a seed, is beginning to see the sunlight.
Green: Represents the seedling just beginning to grow.
Blue: Designates the young plant growing and reaching for the sky.
Red: Signifies the ripening of the plant. The student has good technical knowledge, which can be dangerous since he or she still lacks control and discipline.
Black: Symbolizes the coming together of all the color belts and the fifteen grades of knowledge to form a degree. The student is approaching the beginning of Tae Kwon Do mastery.
FIVE TENETS: A tenet is an opinion, principle, or doctrine, which a person holds or maintains as true. They can be compared to an oath of honor (for example: boyscouts, girlscouts, etc.). There are five tenets of Tae Kwon Do. They are: 1. Courtesy 2. Integrity 3. Perseverance 4. Self-control 5. Indomitable Spirit
GLOSSARY: The following list is composed of words that will be used during training. The words are given in Korean followed by their English translation. As you advance in your training, the use of English will decrease and more Korean will be spoken. .
General Terms:
Ahk Soo: Shake Hands
Ahp Seogi High walking stance
Aho Goobi Low walking stance
Ba Ro Return to ready position
Cha Ryut Attention Do
Bok Tae Kwon Do Uniform
Dwi Goobi Side stance
Dwi Ro Dora About face
Gahl Ryo: An order to separate two competitors
Gam Jum Deduction points
Go Mahn Stop
Gucng Ye Bow
Gwang Jang Nim Our Grand Master
Gyo Roo Gi Free Sparring
Gyuk Pa Breaking Techniques
Han Gook The Republic of Korea
Hogul Chest Protector
Ho Shin Sool Self defense grabbing techniques
Il Bo Dae Ryon One Step Sparring, traditional hand technique
Juhn Bee Ready stance or fighting stance in competition
Kukkiwon The World Tae Kwon Do Federation Headquarters
Kima Ja Seh Horse Stance Kyung Go: Warnings
Poomse or Hyung Form
Sah Bum Nim Your Master Instructor
Sam Bo Dae Ryon Three step sparring (three kick combinations)
Seh Gae Yon Meng: World Tae Kwon Do Federation - W.T.F.
Shee Jahk Start
Shi-o At ease
Shim Pan Referees
Sun Bae Nim Your Senior, a higher-ranking student
Sung Jo Gi American Flag
Tae Guk Gi Korean Flag
Tee Tae Kwon Do belt
Yoo Dan Ja A Black Belt student
Ah Rhe Makki Low block
An Makki Inner Block
Bah Kaht Pal Mok Makki Outside forearm block
Chirugi Punch
Go Deolo Makki Double forearm block
Jeong Kwon Fore fist
Joong Dan Chirugi Middle punch
Gwan Soo Spear hand
Gwan Soo Chirugi Spear hand attack
Makki Block
Mok Chirugi Neck attack
Mong Tong Chirugi Middle punches and steps
Pal Kup Elbow
Ri Kwon Back fist
San Makki Mountain block
Sang Dan Makki: high block
Soo Do Knife hand
Soo Do Chirugi Knife hand strike
Soo Do Makki: Double knife hand block
Yup Chirugi Side punch
Yup Makki Side block
Yok Sudo Reverse knife hand
Aho Chagi Front snap kick
Ahp Oleegi Front raising kick
An Hwee Doleegi Inside round kick
Chagi Snap kick
Dolyeo chagi Round house kick
Dwi Chagi Back snap kick
lee Dan Ahp Chagi Flying front kick
lee Dan Dolveo Chagi Flying round house kick
lee Dan Yup Chagi Flying sidekick
Hwee Doleegi Outside round kick
Hwee Gamgi Spinning hook kick
Pituro Chagi Twisting kick
Twi Mio Ahp Chagi Spring jump front kick
Twi Mio Dolveo Chagi Spring jump round house kick
Twi Mio Yup Chagi Spring jump sidekick
Yup Chagi side snap kick
Yup Hwee Doleegi side round kick
Yup Oleegi Side raising kick
Written in Korean:
Taekwondo in Korean: 태권도 태권도 태권도 태권도 Taegwondo
Your Name in Korean: 루카스 Lukaseu
Master Claudio in Korean: 마스터 클라우디오 maseuteo keullaudio
Informal Hello: Annyo hashmika
Formal Hello: Annyo haseyo
Goodbye: Annyoghi Kaseyo
Thank you: GamSahmida
Salute the flag: Kukki Deho Kyung ye
Salute the instructor: Sun bat nimke Kyung ye
Salute the master: Sah bom nimke Kyung ye
Salute the Grandmaster: Gwanjahnim ke Kyung ye
1. Hah Na
2. Dool
3. Seht
4. Neht
5. Dah Suht
6. Yah Suht
7. Il Khop
8. Yo Dool
9. Ah Khop
10. Yoi
20. Eeship
30. Samship
40 Saship_
50 Oship
60 YukShip
70 Chiishie
80 Paulship
90 Guship
100 Baek
1000 Chun
Created by: fishingluc7