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Trading post people

People who were at a trading post in the 1800's

Voyageur People who transported the goods and pelts in their canoes
Pelt Preparer First nations women who prepared the pelts for trade
Interpreters People who spoke multiple languages to help the traders and the first nations people understand each other
Guides First nations people who helped the Europeans find their way in unfamiliar areas
Clerks Managed the day to day business at the trading posts
Chief Factor Person in charge of the trading post
Suppliers People who provided the items like moccasins and food to the traders so that they can survive the winter
Hunters First nations people who hunted and trapped animals for their fur and their meat to trade
Doctor Helped treat the sick and injured
Carpenter Built and repaired the buildings
Cooper Built and repaired wooden barrels
Tailor Sewed and mended clothing
Blacksmith Made tools, nails, and many other items made of hot metal
Tinsmith Made and fixed tin things, they worked with cold metal
Night watchman Kept watch at night for threats or danger
Post-master Sorted and delivered the mail
Clergyman A priest or minister who preached and performed marriages and funeral
Junior clerk Helped the clerks with their tasks, but didn’t make the final decisions
Apprentice Someone learning how to do the work of a junior clerks in the trading post
Skipper A man who sailed a small schooner who was responsible for the safety of his passengers and the navigation of his boat
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