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Midterm Study Guide

Act Of Toleration Maryland Law that provided religious freedom for all Christians It did not extend to Jews. Made to protect the rights of Catholics to worship freely.
Alliance Agreement between nations to aid and protect one another.
Burgesses A Representative to the colonial Virginia government
Conquistadors Spanish explores who claimed land in America for Spain
Debtors People who owed money but couldn't pay back
Patroons Owners of huge estates
Persecution Mistreatment or Punishment of a group of people because of there beliefs
Proprietary Colony Colony in which the king gave lad to proprietors in exchange for yearly payment.
Royal Colony Colony under direct control of the English crown
Slave codes laws that control the lives of enslaved Africans and African Americans And denied them basic rights.
Why did Southern Agriculture need enslaved Africans The needed slaves has field workers on large plantations
Why was the colony Maryland founded Catholics in Maryland had Religious Freedom
What was the economy like in New England Colonies they could not farm much make money from shipbuilding had lots of fishing and iron
What was the economy like in the middle colonies made money from farming manufacturing craft and ironwork's
why was Lord Baltimore ownership of Maryland different from colonial ownership He owned it by himself
How did Lord Baltimore attract setters to Maryland They could practice religion freely and he gave land to does who brought slaves men and indentured servants
What was New Amsterdam popular trading product Beaver furs
How did they increase there agricultural production They granted large parcels of land to a few rich familes
The population of towns were made up of of many African slaves 1/4
What did Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Connecticut have in common They started because of religious freedom
What is a cash crop crops sold for profit
What ended conflicts between England and the Netherland The governor had a few weapons and little gunpowder. Because of Harsh Rule and Heavy Taxes couldn't raise an army so he surrendered to the English without firing a shot.
What happen because the Duke Of York Thought the colony was to big He gave some land to friends who set up a proprietary colony called New Jersey
Why was the colony Maryland started Sir George Calvert wanted to be a colony where the Catholics could worship freely
What was Charleston original name Charles Town
Swampy lowlands is good for what type of crop Rice
Who founded Georgian And why was it Founded James Oglethorpe To solve social problems and defend this northern colonies from the Spanish in the south
What are Navigation Acts Regulated trade between England and its colonies made to make sure that only England benefited from trade with its colonies
How was colonial status determined By wealth and birth
Created by: ReneDT128
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