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SS Ch 2 Vocab

Social Sci Grade 5 Ch 2

Merchant People who buy and sell goods
Slave trade Bought and sold humans as property
Navigation The process of finding a route and finding one’s location.
Astrolabe (AS truh layb) A tool from North Africa that measured the height of the sun or a star above the horizon. It helped sailors tell how far north or south of the equator they had sailed.
Caravel Smaller and lighter ship • triangular sails to better control the wind • wooden decks without gaps and waterproofed wood
Patron A person who sponsors a trip for a person
Conquistador Spanish conquer
Expedition A journey or an adventure
Empire A group of nations or peoples or a single group or leader
colony A settlement or area far from a country that rules it
Epidemic An outbreak disease that spreads quickly and can kill people
Plantation A large farm on which a single crop is usually grown
Distinct Different (adj.)
Columbian Exchange a movement of people, animals, plants, and cultures between the Eastern and Western hemispheres. When Columbus returned to the Americas from Spain, he brought over 1200 men and a collection of European animals and plants.
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