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Enlight. and Am RE

Vocab Review for Enlightenment American Revolution and Constitution

The first Constitution of the United States. It limited the power of the government too much making the government ineffective Articles of Confederation
A movement that promoted limited government power, rights, freedom, and reason that was influential in Europe and the Americas Enlightenment
Philosopher that thought a absolute monarch was necessary to keep order Thomas Hobbes
Philosopher that thought the government was given power by the people so its job is to protect and expand safety and rights John Locke
Philosopher that mainly promoted democracy Jean Jacques Rousseau
Philosopher that promoted separation of powers (dividing power between multiple branches of government)and checks and balances (allowing each branch to control the others) Montesqieu
Philosopher that promoted separation of church and state and freedom of speech Voltaire
God given right to Life, Liberty, and Property natural/unalienable rights
Written plan for government Constitution
First 10 amendments to the Constitution that protect the people's freedoms and secure them from government abuses. Bill of Rights
Dividing power between several branches of government to avoid one person having all the power like a king. Separation of Powers
A government that elects leaders to make decisions that represent the will of the people Representative Democracy
Change to the Constitution Amendment
Who got to when the United States first formed. White, Male, Landowners
Taxes and regulations placed on trade in the British colonies. Stamp, Tea, and Sugar Act
When European governments controlled trade in the colonies in order to make the European country richer. Mercantilism
When British soldiers shot and killed five American colonists, This became a symbol of British oppression in the colonies. Boston Massacre
Document that made the United States of America a country independent of Great Britain. It was heavily based on Enlightenment principals Declaration of Independence
First battle of the Revolutionary War Battle of Lexington and Concord
Last battle of the Revolutionary War when British General Cornwallis Surrenders. Battle of Yorktown
Commander of the Army during the Revolutionary War and first elected President of the United States George Washington
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