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History Test Nov 19

What was the occupation of most blacks after the Civil War? Sharecroppers
What are Jim Crow laws? Laws that promote and enforce segregation.
What was the Plessy vs. Ferguson case? A black person rode on a White only train car, "seperate but equal" doctrine was created.
How did Southern States get around the 15th Amendment? Taxes on voting, unfair tests, etc.
What was the literary test? An unfair test that was so unclearly worded that the tester could decide themselves who passed/failed.
What was the Grandfather Clause? A rule that stated that if your grandfather could vote, you could, too. Made specifically so whites could vote if they didnt pass literary test.
What is lynching? Public hanging
Who are some black leaders in the late 1800s - early 1900s? Ida B Wells - against lynching; Mary Church Terrell - founded NAACP; Booker T Washington - wrote "Soul of the Black Folk"
What is imperialism? Economic and political domination of a strong nation over weaker ones.
What are some reasons for colonizing? To import construction materials.
Where in the Pacific was the US looking to colonize? Hawaii, Samoan Islands, etc.
What is the Manifest Destiny? A doctrine that states the US's expansion across the Americas is inevitable.
What were the reasons for the Spanish-American war? USS Maine's explosion, Spain Re-concentration Camps, and Cuba refusing "self-govern" proposal from Spain.
What is the Platt Amendment? An amendment that kept Cuba's independence, but also kept them in check so as to not hurt the US.
What is the Foraker Act? It established a civil government for Puerto Rico.
What is yellow journalism? Greatly exaggerated and sometimes untruthful news stories.
What is jingoism? Excessive patriotism or aggressive nationalism especially with regards to foreign policy.
What is nationalism? To give more importance to unity by way of a cultural background, including language and heritage.
What is patriotism? An attachment to a homeland?.
What were some of Roosevelt's policies as president? Controlled monopolies, created the Department of Commerce & Labor, etc.
What were some of Taft's policies as president? Established children's bureau, etc.
What were some of Wilson's policies as president? First graduated income tax, women's rights, etc.
Who cared most for environmental conservation? Roosevelt.
What happened during the election of 1912? Taft and Roosevelt went against each other due to disagreements, but since they were both Republican, they split the votes, and Woodrow won.
What are some of Progressivism's limitations? Failed to notice racial and religious discrimination.
What are some of Progressivism's progresses? New roles in the government.
Created by: dlstewart