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What was the capital city of the new colony of Spain called Mexico city
what did the Spaniards name their new colony New Spain
Columbus wanted to find Asia what directions did he sail West
what did Columbus name the place where he first landed San Salvador
who led an expedition to circumnavigate the world He died in the Philippine Island but 18 of his crew finished the expedition Magellan
who was asked to lead an expedition to Mexico? His army joined with the Indians to conquer the Aztecs Hernando Cortes
Who heard wonderful stories about a fountain of youth which led him north from Puerto Rico He landed in a place he named Florida Juan Ponce de Leon
who was one of the rulers of Spain? She decided to raise money for Columbus's voyage Queen Isabella
who was a Catholic priest who defended the rights of the Indians? He was nicknamed protector of the Indians Bartoleme de Las Casas
who made four voyages to the new world for Spain? He tricked his crew by having two sets of the ship's logs so they wound't know how far they where from home Christopher Columbus
who was the emperor of the Aztecs? He welcomed the Spaniards to Tenochtitlan and was killed in a battle with them Moctezuma II
who led an expedition into the southwest area of North America looking for seven Cities of Gold Francisco Coronado
who was a viking that started a small settlement in the northeastern Canada call Vinland Leif Erickson
what was Columbus seeking to find on his first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean Asian spices and skills
what do you call a journey made for a special purpose an expedition
what was the name of the movement of people plants animals and germs across the Atlantic Ocean called the Colombian Exchange
what do you call a person who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs a missionary
what do you call the Spanish soldiers who conquered lands and claims them for Spanish conquistadors
Christopher Columbus sailed under the flag of what country Spain
The Spanish government gave certain Spanish colonists a very large piece of land that often include Indian villages what was it called encomienda
what two seeds of charge came from the west corn and potatoes
what three seeds of charge came from the east horses sugar and diseases
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