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BC Before Birth of Christ
BCE Before Common Era
AD Anno Domini
CE Common Era
chronological order the order in which events occur by dates
century a period of 100 years
millenium a period of 1000 years
multiple tier timeline multiple lines of events occurring within the same time period
generation the period of time between the birth of parents and their children
decade divides the timeline into 10 year periods
timeline one line with events and dates listed in chronological order
Title tells you the topic of a timeline
events the specific things that happen on a timeline.
dates the time periods, arranged in chronological order, on a timeline. earliest date to the left; latest date to the right
To measure Time between BC and BC or AD and AD Events, what do you do? subtract. EX: 2013 AD to 2000 AD is a 13 year difference
To measure Time between BC to AD, what do you do? you ADD - for example, 100 BC and 1984 AD has a 2084 year difference.
Why do we use timelines? to see the relationship among different events in history.
What is the name of the calendar we use? Why? Gregorian Calendar - dates based on this calendar are related to before and after the birth of Jesus
How many years ago was 1964? 54 years. You SUBTRACT. 2018-1964 = 54
If it is 2013 AD, how many years ago was 1600 BC? 3613. You ADD - 2013 + 1600 because you are going across ZERO. BC and AD timelines require addition
If its 1864AD. How many years ago was 1324 AD? 540. Again, you subtract because you are just within the AD time periods.
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