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History Study Guide

Causes of the Revolution test study guide

___ was the first tax on the colonies Sugar Act
___ carried out the Boston Tea Party Sons of Liberty
___ means to refuse to buy a product Boycott
___ was a well-planned event with a specific purpose Boston Tea party
___ was a tax on imported items Townshend Act
___ allowed soldiers to search buildings Writs of Assistance
___ was a tax on paper items Stamp Act
___ was a militia group ready to fight at short notice Minutemen
___ was a small army of regular people Militia
___ was info designed to influence people Propaganda
___ was the first violent confrontation Boston Massacre
___ was the British representative government Parliament
___ says give me liberty or give me death Patrick Henry
___ was a leader of the Sons of Liberty Sam Adams
___ engraved and printed the Boston Massacre propaganda Paul Revere
___ was an inventor, publisher and writer Ben Franklin
___ commands the British troops General Gage
___ was the first person killed in the massacre Crispus Attucks
___ was a rich merchant accused smuggler John Hancock
___ was king of England George III
___ of 1763 angered people by not letting them move west. The Proclamation
___ passed the Stamp Act to pay off the debt from the French and Indian War. Britain
___ hated the Stamp Act and did much to protest it Colonists
___ only destroyed the taxed tea The Boston Tea Party
___ had only 5 deaths and was used as propaganda by the Sons of Liberty The Boston Massacre
“No taxation without representation" means no taxes without a representative in ___ Parliament
10,000 Troops enforced the ___ Proclamation Line
After the French and Indian War, Great Britain has problems with debt, ___ land and Indians
___ closed Boston Harbor, cancelled MA charter, began Quartering Act, made General Gage governor of MA, allowed officials accused of a crime to go to England for trial. The Intolerable acts
The French and Indian War occurs THEN the ___ line is drawn Proclamation
___ meets THEN colonies begin raising militias and demands are sent to King The Continental Congress
The Stamp Act is passed THEN ___ start boycotts
The Boston Massacre happens THEN propaganda turns people against ___ the British
___ is passed THEN the Tea Party occurs The Tea Act
Created by: HannaW04