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ch.9 key terms

reformation a time of change in the church during the 16 century
simony sale of jobs in the church
nepotism appointment of relations for jobs in the church
pluralism when a priest/bishop is in charge of more than 1 parish/diocese
abenteeism when a priest/bishop fails to turn up at mass
indulgences prayer and forgiveness of sins offered in return for money
justification by faith alone you can only get to heaven if you truly believe in and love god
95 theses martin luthers 95 arguments against indulgences
diet of the worms meeting held in worms with all the princes
edict of worms the decision made at the diet of worms
presbyterianism john calvins protestant religion
the city of god geneva, switzerland, when ruled by john calvin
predestination the belief that gods picks who will go to heaven before they are born
the counter reformation the catholic church responding to the protestant reformation
the council of trent meeting of catholic clergy which tried to fix the problems with the church
jesuits new order of catholic priest who wanted to return protestants back to catholic faith
heresy a belif that contradicts or goes against the teachings of the catholic church
heretic anyone who went against the church
inquistion the church court that arrested and put on trial suspected heretics
transusbstantiation it is taught that the bread and waine become the body and blood of christ at communion
consubstantion communuion meant that the bread and wine change into the body and blood of christ while still remaining the bread and wine.
excommunicated expelled from the church
papal bull an offical letter sent by the pope.
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