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ch.9 martin luther

when and where was he born saxony,germany, in 1483
what did he dissagree most with about the catholic church sale of indulgences
what was his version of the sale of indulgences justification by faith alone
what does vernacular mean in the peoples own language
did he believe priest could marry yes
what was his statement called that was going against the catholic Church and where did he hang it. 95 theses, he hung it on the door of the church at wittenburg castle
what type of letter was martin sent by pope leo x a papal bull
what does excommunicated mean expelled from the church
what was the diet of worms it was a meeting with all the princes in a town called worms
where and with who was luther after the edict of worms he was in frederick the wise castle in wartburg
what were the catholic beliefs 1. sale of indulgences, 2.priests are not allowed to marry, 3. bible should be in latin,4. believed in 7 sacerments, 5. transubstantiation, 6. pope was head of the church
what were luthers beliefs 1. justification by faith alone, 2.priests should marry if they wish, 3.bible should be in vernacular, 4.had only 2 sacraments, 5.consubstantion, 6. prince of each states should be head of church
what was the peace of augsberg ended the war between catholics and lutheran, it stated that each prince can pick the religion of his people
when did he die 1546
Created by: katehg