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US - 11.2 and 11.3

Study Guide for Chapter 11.2 and 11.3 Quiz

Who was the commander of the Alamo? William B. Travis
What was the name given to people who recruited settlers to Texas? Empresario
Who was named commander-in-chief of the Texas forces? Sam Houston
What happened after the Mexican army was defeated by Texas at the Battle of San Jacinto? Santa Anna was forced to surrender
Who was a former Congressman who died at the Alamo? Davy Crockett
When did Texas officially became a state of the United States? 1845.
What stopped all immigration from the United States into Texas in 1830? The Mexican Government issued a decree (order) stopping the immigration
Who was the leader of the Texas independence movement? Stephen F. Austin
Where was the first battle of the Texas Revolution was fought? Gonzales
Who was the Mexican dictator during the Texas War for Independence? Santa Anna
Which President refused to annex Texas (make it a part of the United States) because it would upset the balance between free and slave states in the Senate? President Andrew Jackson
What was established in 1836 when it declared its independence from Mexico? The Republic of Texas
Which President supported annexation, but the House of Representatives failed to ratify the treaty. President John Tyler
Who passed a law abolishing the Spanish Missions? Mexican Government
Who built a trading post in the Sacramento Valley in California? John Sutter
How did President Polk justify his war with Mexico? He provoked them to take military action first
Who was the American army officer who travelled through California? John C. Fremont
What two things did the Mexican government do with the lands that the Spanish Missions had occupied? They gave some of the land to the Indians They sold the rest of the land
Who began the first settlement in San Francisco in 1776? Juan Bautista de Anza
William Becknell "discovered" the route west that became known as the... Santa Fe Trail
Which famous abolitionist opposed the war with Mexico because he feared it would bring slavery to more territories in the South? Frederick Douglass
Who was the general who lead the American troops as they marched to, and captured, Mexico City? Winfield Scott
What was the name of the treaty that ended the Mexican War? Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Who opposed the war with Mexico and accused the Democrats of waging war to spread slavery? Many Northerners accused them of this
Who were Tejanos? Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home
Who was selected as the temporary President of the Republic of Texas? David G. Burnet
Where did Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and William Travis die? at the Alamo
New Mexico territory contained all, or part, of what five present-day states? New Mexico Arizona Nevada Colorado Utah
Who hoped to build ports on California's Pacific Coast to trade with China and Japan? Shippers Manufacturers
Which city in the Mexican War did the Americans capture without firing a shot? Santa Fe
Who declared California annexed to the United States after capturing the ports of Monterey and San Francisco? Commodore John Sloat
What did Mexico give to the United States in the Mexican Cession? California New Mexico
What was the name given to huge California properties owned by Mexicans? Rancho
The El Camino Real, or the Kings Highway, was the road that connected what in California? Spanish Missions
What were the names of the two rivers that formed the boundaries for the Disputed Territory that both Mexico and the United States claimed? Nueces River Rio Grande River
Created by: ColbyHistory