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27 amendments

First Amendment Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition
Second Amendment Right to bear arms
Third Amendment no quartering soldiers during peacetime
Fourth Amendment Prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant
Fifth Amendment - Grand jury - no double jeopardy - no self-incrimination
Sixth Amendment - Right to a speedy and public trial - right to confront witness against you -right to obtain witnesses in your favor -right to lawyer
Seventh Amendment trial by jury
Eighth Amendment No cruel and unusual punishment and no excessive bail
Ninth Amendment other rights not listed guaranteed
Tenth Amendment power not given to national gov falls to states
Eleventh Amendment protects citizens from lawsuits filed by citizens of other states or countries
Twelfth Amendment Separate ballots for President and Vice President.
Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery
Fourteenth Amendment defines citizenship and citizens rights
Fifteenth Amendment Black Suffrage
Sixteenth Amendment allows congress to tax income
Seventeenth Amendment Direct election of US senators
Eighteenth Amendment bans alcohol making, selling, and shipping
Ninteenth Amendment woman suffrage
Twentieth Amendment lame duck
AMENDMENT 21 Repeals amendment 18
AMENDMENT 22 Limits terms a president can serve to 2
AMENDMENT 23 Residents of Washington D.C. can vote in presidential elections
AMENDMENT 24 Bans poll taxes
AMENDMENT 25 Establishes Presidential succession
AMENDMENT 26 Suffrage to 18 year olds
AMENDMENT 27 Limits ability of Congress to increase its pay
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