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Jake and Mackenzie 2

Valley forge to the battle of monmoth

At first in valley forge, how many men were sick Near 2000 men were sick
What disease was killing Washington's army (most lethal) Smallpox
What was Washington's gamble in valley forge To try to make an vaccine to smallpox by rubbing the person who has the disease's puss on to someone who doesn't have a disease's open wound.
What are two tings that they had a shortage of Food and clothes
How many "nurses" did Washington have at valley forge He had one nurse
What was the problem that they had with their supplies and with the supplies that they got They had no place to store it, it would just go outside and be wrecked by the weather
What was the prize if you finished your hut first at valley forge You got a total of $12 , one per man. (A lot of money back then)
During the winter of valley forge, if you went to the British and you brought a musket and swore allegiance to the king what would you get? you get $16
What was a good thing about General Washington He though that everyone could be a high rank and could accomplish anything a "normal" person can do if you are disabled
Why did Clinton leave Philadelphia in the spring He didn't like his terrain and how it could be blocked by the french when they were coming
What did Washington do when he found out the French had signed to be in alliance and support the war? He had a big party, games, feast, and a parade
In April what caused them to have an abundance of food The river froze over and melted leaving a whole bunch of shad -run (a fish)
When spring arrived what did British decide to do Change their strategy
Why couldnt layfayete invade canada when he came back He had no funds from congress to do so
What did molly fisher do that was brave in the war She maned the cannon that her husbanded had fallen and got injured by the British
What was the largest battle in the war Monmouth
Did the Americans have any skill with the bayonet so far They had no skill with the bayonet at this point in the war
Did Washington think he was going to win the battle of Monmouth No, he thought he was going to lose, he also had less troops by 3,000
What shape is the British's bayonet It is triangular shape
Who did general Washington gave the command to for the first attack He gave the command to general Lee
Why did lee not want to accept the roll. He thought that the Americans did not want to fight the British
If he didn't not accept this who would have command this attack Lafayette would have commanded this attack
What was one thing that general Washington did not like what Lee did He retreated the Americans before he went into battle
What ammo did the Americans have that was very similar to bird shot (a type of shotgun ammo that is spreads a great amount) Grape shot
What was grape shot made out of It was made out of iron balls some of the bullets were related to a bullet today known as a dum dum bullet
what did general lee tell the British when he was captured He told Washington's tactics
What did Clinton do that was very dumb as a general He left dead bodies and he also left wounded behind
What lee found guilty or innocent at his trial He was found guilty
Created by: day1lab
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