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Chapter 15

The Reformation

heretic a person who holds a belief that a religious authority thinks is false
reformation a movement that challenged and changed the Catholic religion in Europe
salvation eternal happiness for one's soul
indulgence a church paper that says that a person will not be punished after death for their sins
purgatory a place of suffering after death
excommunicate to say that someone can no longer be a member of a church
Lutheran Church the church established by Martin Luther
minister a person who can lead a religious ceremony in a Lutheran church
baptism a ritual by which a person becomes a Christian
communion a ritual by which Christians grow in their faith
Protestant a reformer who protested against the Catholic Church
annul to announce that a marriage never existed between two people
Anglican Church the Church of England
Puritan an English Protestant who wanted to purify the Anglican Church
Calvinism the religious movement founded by John Calvin
Huguenot a French Calvinist
Catholic Reformation the Catholic Church's reforms that attempted to fight Protestant beliefs
censor to prevent someone from reading or viewing something
Roman Inquisition a Catholic court that inquired into people's religious beliefs
Jesuit a member of the Catholic religious order known as the Society of Jesus
Edict of Worms a decree that stated anyone could kill Martin Luther without being punished, ruler of Holy Roman Empire signed- a Catholic
Edict of Nantes King of France issued, it gave Protestant Huguenots more political and religious rights, discouraged the building of Protestant churches in Catholic areas
Council of Trent they wrote down the most important beliefs of the Catholic Church- stopped sale of indulgences, find salvation only through the Catholic Church, accept the Pope as the leader of the church, agree with Catholic's interpretation of the Bible
95 Theses a series of statements made by Martin Luther, against indulgences and other actions of the Catholic Church, printed and sent to other countries, the church lost money on sale of indulgences, church took steps to stop Luther's influence
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