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The Colonies ss

terms for test

town meeting citizens discuss and vote
royal colony colony ruled by monarchy
debtor person owes money
toleration let people practice what they want
quakers belived that every one was eqwal in gods eyes
puritans they wanted to perif the cherch of england
cash crop plants sold for money
indentured servant was a person how argred to work fo some one
plantation large farms that slaves worked on
triangle trade trade rought between africa, the caribbean islands, and europe
pilgrims people wanted to make a religious journey. english separatists who settled in plymouth
Middle Passage TERRIBLE slave voyage Africa to Americas
Netherlands controlled NY--Jamestown
Middle Colonies Breadbasket Colonies
pilgrims why travel? religious freedom
where pilgrims landed Plymouth
Jamestown grew tobacco
3 southern colonies grew rice tobacco indigo
Europeans wanted colonies...why? to get money
indentured servants worked for freedom
slavey--why in south climate and geography +farming
House of Burgesses self-government in America
Created by: 24edmoanth