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Chap. 5-Logan

Urban areas have a lot of people or a high_______ __________. population density
The coastal area of the Northeast is home to the ____________point of the United States. easternmost
The forest areas are just as rich in resources as the farming areas. TRUE or FALSE true
The mountain of the Northeast was carved by __________. glaciers
The fishing industry in the Northeast is working to find solutions to _____________. overfishing
The physical geography of the Northeast includes many ________and __________. bays and mountains
One of the events of the American Revolution was setting the location of the first national ____________. capital
Factories provided more jobs to immigrants. The effect of that was that the immigrants worked in __________factories, but they banded together to form labor __________ and fight for reform. unsafe unions
The mountain area is popular for ____________sports like skiing. winter
The Liberty Bell is located in the city of ____________________. Philadelphia
In the coastal area, ships dock in the ____________. harbors
The Common can be found in the city of ____________. Boston
The mountain area has a ____________elevation which causes high____________. high winds
The Empire State Building can be found in_______________________. New York City
The first wave of immigrants came from the countries of ________, ___________, and ______________________. Ireland, Germany, Great Britain
The word because is often a clue that a ___________and__________ relationship is being explored. cause and effect
The coastal area is lined with _______________. lighthouses
Many people in urban areas use the ____________ __________________ system to get around the city. public transportation
Five American Indian groups formed the __________ ___________to become stronger in battles against European settlers. Iroquois Confederacy
Created by: Mrs. Logan



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