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mp2 vocab

social studies

appealed when a decision from a lower court is reviewed by a higher court
acquitted cleared from a charge
brief a formal,written summary of relevant facts submitted to a court of law in a legal case
claim a demand in court for something (like$$) that the plaintiff believes is owed to him/her
coerce to influence another persons choice i a negative way
compensate to offset an error or wrong committed,most often in a form of money
defendant in a trail,the person who is accused of crime
desecration the act of damaging an object for the purpose of getting a a reaction
dissent to disagree with the majority
double jeopardy to be tried in a court of law twice for the same offence
due process legal proceeding,such as trial ,which enforces and protect our rights
eminent domain the right of the state to take private property for public use
espionage the crime of gathering,transmitting or losing information with regard to the national defense,intending to hurt the united states
impartial to remain objective and treat others fairly
impunity freedom from punishment or consequences
incompetent not legally qualified
jurisdiction authority to interpret or apply the law
lame duck person holding office after his/her replacement has been elected to the office but before the current term has ended
lobbyist a person whose business is to gain the passage or defeat of bills pending before a legislative body
militia a body of citizens enrolled for discipline as a military force,but not engaged in actual military service ,except for emergencies
nonpartisan not adhering to any established political group or party
petition a formal written document outlining a request made to a higher authority,such as a government official
plaintiff person(s) bringing a civil lawsuit against another person or entry
probable cause a reasonable belief in certain facts
search warrant a written issued by a judge authorizing law enforcement officers to search and seize property that will serve as evidence
seizure the process of taking something that has been found
self-incrimination to testify against yourself (plead the 5th)
tort a civil wrong or injury for which the injured party is entitled to compensation
upheld supported;kept the same
verdict the outcome of a trail;the decision of a jury
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