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LH-2nd Grade History

History Material Test 4

The Indians that the Pilgrims knew were good _____ and _____. hunters, farmers
What were rounded wooden buildings covered in bark or mats called? wigwams
Many of the Indians of the Southeast (where we live) were not very _____. friendly
What are houses made of clay called? pueblos
What were the tall carvings made by the Indians of the Northwest called? totem poles
Very few Indians lived in _____. Instead, they were used for camping the way we use _____ today. teepees, tents
The Pilgrims became friends with an Indian called _____. Squanto
What did the Indians call corn? maize
What did Squanto use as fertilizer when planting seeds? dead fish
Name three (3) ways the Indians taught the Pilgrims to use or eat corn. hominy, popcorn, cornmeal
What did the Pilgrims send back to England to pay for their trip aboard the "Mayflower"? animal skins
What two (2) items did the Pilgrims trade with the Indians for extra animal furs? knives, beads
Name three (3) vegetables the Indians showed the Pilgrims for the first time. squash, pumpkins, corn
What happened to make the Indians unfriendly toward the white men? The white men began taking away the Indian's land.
True/False: Most Indians lived in teepees. False
True/False: Squanto chose to live with the Pilgrims. True
True/False: Maize is a kind of fish False
True/False: The Pilgrims taught the Indians how to eat corn. False
True/False: There were plenty of fish in the streams, but at first, the Pilgrims had no way to catch them. True
True/False: The Pilgrims paid for their trip on the "Mayflower" by sending furs and animal skins back to England. True
What happened to the rest of Squanto's tribe? They all died of a sickness
Created by: PVA 2nd Grade