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Westward Expan. L1

Wilderness Road, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark

Immigrants Came to the US to escape hard times, make money, and own land
Cumberland Gap old Native American trail in the Appalachians where Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky meet
pioneer an early settler of an area
Daniel Boone a pioneer hired to widen the trail through the Cumberland Gap
Wilderness Road the main route to the West - widened by Daniel Boone and others
Kentucky first state west of the Appalachians
Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the US; wanted to expand the borders
Louisiana Purchase included the port of New Orleans so farmers could ship their goods more quickly and cheaply
Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the US
Napoleon Bonaparte leader of France; sold the Louisiana Territory for $15 million because he needed money for a war with Britain
Meriwether Lewis led the Corps of Discovery
William Clark responsible for keeping records and making maps on the Corps of Discovery's trip
York William Clark's slave; was very skilled at hunting and fishing
the Corps of Discovery a team of about 40 people; went to learn about the resources in the Louisiana Purchase
Fort Mandan Lewis and Clark stopped for their 1st winter; hired Sacagawea as a guide
Sacagawea a Shoshone Indian, helped guide the Corps through the lands, buy horses, communicate peacefully with other tribes
consequence a result that happens because of an action
the Corps of Discovery traveled more than 3,000 miles in a year and a half
Fort Clatsop Lewis and Clark stopped for their 2nd winter; made it back to St. Louis in 6 months
Zebulon Pike led an expedition that explored the southwestern part of the Louisiana Purchase
Pikes Peak a "blue mountain" in Colorado named after Zebulon Pike
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