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What is the best way to describe what a raw material is? Things we get from the earth to make other items
Countries creating colonies in the world was nothing new for imperialism. What is the best way to describe a colony? A settlement in a new territory that keeps close ties with its homeland
What is the statement that best describes the way the rise of nationalism affected imperialism? European nations began to compete against each other for new territory
Why did the industrial revolution have such an impact on the start of imperialism? Imperialism was based on the industrial revolution’s creation of collectivized farms
Put the following events in chronological order: exploration, colonization, rise of limited governments, Age of Revolution, imperialism
What major event led to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution through new methods in farming? Agricultural Revolution
Which of the following is the best description of factors of production? Factors of production are items needed to industrialize like raw materials and a growing population.
After beginning in Great Britain, where did the Industrial Revolution spread? Japan, the U.S., Europe
What is the best way to describe life in cities during the Industrial Revolution? Living conditions were unsanitary and unclean.
Why was there a massive time of rural to urban migration during the Industrial Revolution? Many farmers lost their jobs and needed to move to major cities.
Why did most factory workers support socialism? The goal of socialism was to protect the rights of workers.
Which of the following is an example of the impact the steam engine had on the factory system? Factories could be built anywhere
What were the two major economic factors that led to imperialism? Creating new markets for finished products and the need for raw materials
For the most part, imperial powers were located in Europe. Where were the colonies they controlled generally located? Pacific islands
Why were industrialized nations able to dominate non-industrialized nations during the time of imperialism? Industrialized nations had superior weapons and access to raw materials and natural resources
Which of the following would be the best example of a consequence of British control in India? The British East India Company establishing trading posts along the Indian coast
What European nation was the first to explore within central Africa, later claiming a large portion of what is now the Congo? Belgium
What major event was held to divide Africa up among European imperial powers? The Monroe Conference
Which of the following statements best describes the way trade was opened up between the U.S. and Japan in the mid-1800s? The U.S. and Japan agreed to become equal partners in global trade
What impact did Japan’s victories over China and Russia have on their overall strength? Japan’s overall power decreased, but militarily they strengthened
Which of the following statements best describes what the poem The White Man’s Burden by Rudyard Kipling represented? Europeans and Americans felt it was their duty to spread their culture
The Zulu War involved the Zulu tribe, Great Britain, and Dutch settlers called Boers. Which of the following statements best describes why South Africa was such a highly desired area to control? South Africa was rich in natural resources and raw materials
What nationality were the Sepoys? Indian
Why did the Sepoys fight against the British when a new kind of weapon was introduced to them? Using the weapons would have violated their religious beliefs
Which of the following statements best describes the reason why Boxers rebelled against Europeans in China? The Boxers did not like the spread of European influence in China
What was a major way the British forced trade with China The sale and trade of opium
What document was written in 1823 that forbid European powers from setting up any new colonies in the Americas (Central and South America)? The Monroe Doctrine
At the beginning of the Spanish-American War, which nation was attempting to gain its independence? Cuba
Which of the following statements best describes the United States’ interest in the country of Cuba in the late 1890s? The U.S. wanted Cuba free because of the large economic interest we had in Cuba
Why was yellow journalism a major cause of the Spanish-American War? Many Americans believed the sensational headlines in newspapers and wanted revenge for attacks on Americans
What was the name of the U.S. battleship that was destroyed in Havana Harbor, bringing the U.S. into war with Spain? U.S.S. Maine
Which of the following statements is the best way to describe American imperial interests after the Spanish-American War? The U.S. became a police power in the Western Hemisphere, and built the Great White Fleet of naval ships
As a result of the Spanish-American War, the United States became a world power. Which of the following areas did the U.S. gain control of after the war? Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines
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