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Progressive era

17th Amendment People elect own senate
18th Amendment Prohibition
19th Amendment Women get the right to ote
Purple Gang Started after prohibition, they sold alc illegally, committed crimes, loan sharked for bigger buisness
Muckraker Journalists attacking industries and their leaders saying it's "corrupt"
Upton Sinclair Author of The Jungle, wrote about harsh conditions in the workplace (meatpacking)
Triangle Factory Fire Fire that started in a factory with women working, they were locked inside, started because of a cigarette
Initiative Idea for a law singed by a certain number of citizens can force a public vote for the law. EX- Prop 1, Prop 2, Prop 3
Referendum a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.
Meat Inspection Act No mislabeling or branding of meat, Makes sure meat is slaughtered and processed under sanitary conditions
Food and drug act Products had to be inspected by health inspectors. Consequences for offenders.
Scientific managment Using science to evaluate efficiency ad making business smarter
The Jungle Impacts on society People were shocked, grossed out and mortified. They began to understand hw badly we needed changes in the workplace
Protecting social welfare (one of the 4 goals) Improving harsh conditions of the workplace. Child labor, Unsafe conditions, low pay, unsanitary living
Promoting Moral Improvement (one of the 4 goals) Improving lives of poor people by improving behavior. Prohibition, reducing crime, Women's suffrage
Creating economic reform (one of the 4 goals) helping people overcome poverty. Anti-trust act, focusing on government problems, laws improving economy
Fostering efficiency (one of the 4 goals) used scientific management or "Taylorism" to make doing things more efficient ex- assembly line
What were the 4 goals of progressivism Protecting social welfare, Fostering efficiency, Creating economic reform, Promoting moral improvment
Muller Vs Oregon Women provided less work hours
Henery ford Automobile Industry, Assembly line, he payed his worker higher wages so they could afford his cars and work harder
recall voter can vote to remove certain government officials
direct primary Nominate canidates by direct voting
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