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7 Hist Ch 7 BJU WS

astrolabe instrument used to determine latitude by measuring the angles between the sun/a star and the horizon
Atahualpa Last ruling Inca emperor of Peru. He was executed by the Spanish.
Aztecs civilization that did not tolerate adultery and value family
Canton coastal city in China
Cape of Good Hope southern tip of Africa
caravel ship designed for efficient ocean travel
Catholic Church helped protect the Indians against abuses by the Spanish explorers
Columbus Sailed west in 1492 and discovered a new continent
Cortes Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs
Crusades these led to European exploration
Cuzco Capital of the Incan Empire
da Gama Portuguese explorer who discovered a trade route to India
dead reckoning Early European explorerers used this to chart their courses and navigate
Dias Portuguese explorer who was the first European to get round Africa
Drake English explorer who traveled around the world
Hernando Cortes explored the New World for Spain
Incan empire that suffered from a plague before the Spanish arrived
Incas lived in South America along the Andes Mountains
Indians Human-borne disease brought by European explorers may have killed many of this group
Iroquois a confederacy of 5 tribes originally inhabiting the northern part of New York
Iroquois Confederacy a powerful group of Native Americans made up of five nations: the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondoga, and Oneida
Japan Francis Xavier was a missionary to this country
Las Casas Catholic missionary to the Indians in Latin America
Lima city built on the former city of Cuzco
Magellan gave the Pacific Ocean its name
Magellan Spanish explorer whose crew traveled around the world
Mayan civilization that developed an accurate calendar
Mayan Empire empire that made many discoveries in astronomy and mathematics
Mexico City Capital of New Spain; built on ruins of Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.
Pizarro Conquistador who conquered the Incas
Portugal first European nation to make contact with China
pyramids The Egyptians, and Mayans all built different types of this kind of structure
Queen Elizabeth I financed Sir Francis Drake's expeditions
Quetzalcoatl Aztec nature god, his disappearance and promised return coincided with the arrival of Cortes
Siam former name of Thailand
Spain Columbus explored the New World for this country
Venetians first to use cannons on ships
West Indies better Tobacco was brought to the New World from here
Created by: Mrs_CC
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