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Sr. 3 Brown Belt Voc

What year was Judo first introduced into the summer Olympic games? 1964
Who were the four men on the first U. S. Olympic Judo Team? Ben Campbell, Jim Bregman, George Harris, Paul Maruyama
What are the six W2W senior Judo kyu ranks and colored belts from highest to lowest rank (do not list White Belt)? 1. Brown – Ikkyu 2. Brown – Nikyu 3. Brown – Sankyu 4. Green – Yonkyu 5. Orange – Gokyu 6. Yellow – Rokyu
Five stages of throwing techniques, the basic syllabus of Kodokan Judo Gokyo No Waza
Instantaneous promotion Batsugan
Sacrifice Sutemi
Throwing from a standing position Tachi Waza
Throwing techniques done while falling to ones back or side Sutemi Waza
Back falling sacrifice techniques Ma Sutemi Waza
Side falling sacrifice techniques Yoko Sutemi Waza
Striking techniques to vital areas Atemi Waza
Judo uniform belt Obi
Judo uniform jacket Uwagi
Judo uniform pants Zubon
Judo uniform sleeve Sode
Judo uniform lapel Eri
Illegal act of locking the legs around the torso of an opponent Dojime
Variation (of a technique) Kuzure
Counter techniques Kaeshi Waza
Combination or faking technique Renwaku Waza
Four corners (as in pins) Shiho
I surrender! Maitta!
Forms of gripping ones opponent Kumi Kata
Normal Nami
Reverse Gyaku
Cross Juji
Arm Ude
Armpit Wake
Created by: WalltoWall
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