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Chapter 8

The Great Depression

At the end of the 1920s A cycle of layoffs and business failures began.
What caused stock prices to drop in the fall of 1929? Too many people were selling their stocks.
How did bankers try to save the stock market? by buying large amounts of stocks in important industries.
When people went to the banks to get out their savings the banks had loaned the money, so they could not give it back.
The Great Depression was deeper and longer than any depression before it.
Why did President Hoover believe that direct economic relief was not an answer to the depression? He thought relief should come from state and local government plus individuals
Why did farmers leave the Dust Bowl states during the 1930s? because they were unable to farm the land anymore.
During the Great Depression, people who were able to keep their jobs found that as prices dropped, their money actually could buy more.
Which of the following was not part of the New Deal? tariffs on foreign goods
How were farmers assisted by the New Deal? The Agricultural Adjustment Act increased the prices for their products.
In the fall of 1929, the stock market crashed.
A depression is a time when industries do not grow and many people are out of work.
President Hoover had federal troops drive the Bonus Army out of Washington, D.C.
A bureaucracy is made up of many workers needed to run government programs.
Social Security taxes are used to provide people with a pension when they retire.
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