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World His U4 Review

Unit 4 review

The Prophet of Allah who started Islam Muhammad
Sect of Islam: believed the caliph should be the most capable ruler and they had a less strict interpretation of the Quran Sunni
Sect of Islam: believed the Caliph should be a relative of Muhammad and had a strict Islamic Laws Shiia
Religious and political leader of the Islamic Empire Caliph
Islam's Holy book of scriptures where Muhammad's teaching are written Quran (Koran)
pray 5 times a day, statement of faith, charity to poor, pilgrimage to Mecca, and Fasting During Ramadan 5 Pillars of islam
Holiest City to muslims Mecca
King of mali who gave away gold to the Islamic empire and helped facilitate the spread of Islam in West Africa Mansa Musa
City in West Africa that continued to be the hub of gold and salt trade through the Ghana, mali, and Songhai kingdoms Timbuktu
Stopped a Muslim invasion into Western Europe at the Battle of Tours Charles Martel
Unified Western Europe and promoted Christianity Charlemagne
Hierarchy in Western Europe where the king would give land to nobles and vassals in return for loyalty and taxes. Feudalism
Self-Sufficient village in western Europe that provided protection for peasants who worked the land . Manor
Long war between France and England fighting for control of territory. 100 Years War
When Western European Catholics tried to conquer the Holy land of Jerusalem which was controlled by Muslims Crusades
Disease that spread quickly in Europe due to an increase in trade killing Millions. Bubonic Plague/Black Death
Document that Nobles forced King John to sign which limited his power Magna Carta
Emperor of the Byzantine Empire who tried to reconquer the entire Mediterranean region, codified Grecco-Roman law, and built the Hagia Sophia Justinian
Capitol city of the Byzantine Empire and trade center Constantinople
Type of Christianity that was practiced in the Byzantine empire and Kievan Rus Orthodox
Muslim government in India Delhi Sultanate
When Muslims taxed non-Muslims extra Jizya
Advanced technology during the Tang and Song Dynasties Gunpowder, Compass, Paper Currency, Junks (ships), porcelain, etc
block printing machine that was used during the Tang dynasty long before Gutenburg invented the printing press Moveable type
Waterway built during the Sui Dynasty to connect North and South China Grand Canal
Trade routes through central Asia which facilitated cultural diffusion among Europe, China and India Silk Raods
One of the greatest Chinese emperors who started a Golden Age and grew the Tang dynasty to its largest size ever Tang Taizong
Brutal Ruler of the Mongols who expanded his empire Genghis Khan
Golden Age that existed during the Mongol Empire becuase everyone was afraid to break the laws of the Mongols Pax mongolica
Civilization in the Andes Mountains of South America that practiced terrace farming Inca
Civilization on the Yucatan peninsula of Central America whose city states practiced human sacrifices and created advanced calendars Maya
Civilization that existed in Central America who practiced Human sacrifices by the 1000s, created floating gardens called chinampas, and were conquered by the Spanish Aztec
Discovery of new crops and animals by both native Americans and Europeans following Columbus journey to America Columbian Exchange
Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs Hernan Cortes
Movement in Europe based on Grecco-Roman ideas of Humanism that spread from italy throughout Europe Renaissance
Many who started the protestant reformation by posting his 95 Thesis on the Catholic Church door Martin Luther
When the Catholic Church would sell salvation Indulgences
Created by: ryanosborne
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