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Native American Test

Unit Assessment for Native Americans of North America

Which region had horse and travois for transportation? Great Plains
How were the travois used? Travois were pulled by dogs or horse and used to carry items for the Native Americans.
Why did the Southwest have to develop irrigation systems? To provide water to the crops because the climate was hot and dry.
Which region used whales for food, tools, and other things? Northwest Coast
Great Plains used parts of the ____________________ for food, clothing, and shelter. Buffalo
All Native Americans traveled by _____________________. foot
In the Southwest, they made their homes out of ___________________________> adobe clay
Why did the Northwest Coast create totem poles? To tell a story about their ancestors
Which region had flat and grassy land? Great Plains
Why did Northwest Coast throw potlatches? This was a party to show wealth
In the Great Plains, they used ___________________________ as their homes when they haunted buffalo. Teepees
Why was the Great Council formed in the Northeast Woodlands? The Great council was formed to make decisions for all of the tribe
Why were Kachina dolls used in the Southwest? Kachina dolls were used to educate kids on their religion.
What type of housing held many families? Longhouses
What region was hot and arid? Southwest
What is another name for Medicine men? Shamen
Why did Native Americans make masks? to scare away evil spirits
Southwest Native Americans built villages called_________________. pueblos
Name five foods eaten by natives of the Northeast and and Southeast Woodlands. Corn, beans, squash, deer and fish
Southeast Woodlands Native Americans lived in ______________________________ in the summer. longhouses
Southeast Woodlands Native Americans lived in ______________________________ in the winter. Wigwams
The first Native Americans followed the ______________________ over the land bridge from Asia to North America. woolly mammoths
Created by: adamscfa