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Unit 2

7th Grade S.S (NYS)

The Crusades A series of Holy wars in Europe that increased trade between Europe and Asia
The Renaissance A time of great discovery, where the arts, trade and discovery grew or increased
Age of Exploration A period of time where European Explorers were setting sail to find new lands, and goods to trade
New World North and South America
Columbian Exchange The exchange of goods between Europe and the Americas
Colonization Creating a settlement in a new land that is still loyal to or serves the "mother" country
New England Colonies Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire
Middle Colonies New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey
Southern Colonies North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland
Mayflower Compact Signed in Plymouth Massachusetts, was a form of government where the people agreed to be loyal to the king but assigned the colonists roles/jobs
Virginia House of Burgesses Signed in Virginia -- the people chose 22 representatives called Burgesses to create laws and a government
Jamestown Colony The very first English Colony in the New World located in Virginia (Southern Colonies) had a rough start but ended up being successful because of cash-crops
Plymouth Colony The second colony in the New World located in Massachusetts (New England Colonies), people were called the Pilgrims. Created the Mayflower Compact and looked for religious freedom
Cash-Crops Grown in the Southern Colonies, included tobacco, rice, indigo and cotton
Triangular Trade System of trade between Europe, African and the New World. Where slavery was introduced.
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