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The 1920's

Vocabulary for the Roaring 20's

Jazz Age a name for the 1920’s when the jazz style of music was popular
Louis Armstrong African-American jazz musician that played the trumpet, cornet and sang
Harlem Renaissance time period when African-American artists and writers expressed their talents
Langston Hughes African-American writer who wrote books, poetry and drama about the lives of black people living in American cities during the 1920’s
Babe Ruth baseball player with many sport achievements and colorful personality
Baseball a sport that became popular during the 1920’s due to people like Babe Ruth
Automobile “horseless carriages” or car made affordable by Henry Ford due to the assembly line
Henry Ford automobile maker that used assembly lines to make cars more affordable for everyone
Charles Lindbergh first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean (from New York to Paris) in a single engine aircraft named the “Spirit of St. Louis”
airplane WWI used airplanes during the war; early forms were unarmed and used in the reconnaissance (spy) role until weapons were added
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