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Ancient AZ People

adobe heavy clay used for making bricks
settlements small communities
archaeologists scientists who study past human life by looking at prehistoric fossils and tools
preserved protected from injury or ruin so more can be learned
artifacts objects and tools used by early humans for eating, cooking, and hunting
prehistoric the period of time before recorded history
Asia the world's largest continent with more than half of the Earth's population
population the number of people living in a place
canals man-made waterways for boats or for watering crops
plateau a large, high plain
ceremonies religious or spiritual gatherings
petroglyphs carvings or drawings in rocks usually made by people who lived a long time ago
climate the average condition of weather over a period of years
petrified wood that has hardened and turned to stone
constructed worked to put something together
North America one of seven continents in the world. Bounded by Alaska on the northwest, Green land on the northeast, Florida on th southeast, and Mexico on the southwest
continent one of seven large areas of land on the globe
Cultures shared sets of beliefs, goals, religious customs, attitudes, and social practices within a group
monument buliding, stone or statute created to remember a person or event
descendants family members who come after on had died
mesa an area of high land with a flat top and two or more steep cliffs
drought a long period with no rain
mammoths large hairy extinct elephants with tusks that curved upward
dwellings houses
limestone a rock made mainly of calcium from the skeletons of small sea creatures
eruption breaking out
irrigate watering crops by digging a ditch that leads from a body of water to a farm
granaries buildings where grain is stored
fertile rich soil that produces a large number of crops
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