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James Oglethorpe

What characteristics make a good citizen? compassion, trustworthy, civility,
Where did James Oglethorpe choose to start a colony in Georgia? Near a river
The area that Oglethorpe and the settlers built a colony, is now called... Savannah
Why did James Oglethorpe bring settlers from England? to have a better life
What word means to be polite and peaceful with others? civility
Why did James Oglethorpe want to come to Georgia with 115 settlers? they could make a better life without owing money
How many "Squares" or Parks did James Oglethorpe first build in Savannah? 4
How did they Creek and English settlers help each other? The Creek helped the English grow food and the English helped the Creek make iron/metal weapons
A system of forcing people to work without pay slavery
A person who makes iron tools blacksmith
Money owed debt
A community started by people from another land settlement
A place ruled by people in another country colony
Freedom from control by others liberty
People who care about and help others compassion
Created by: wdnash96