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Social Studies

Andrew Carnegie? created steel company, created
John D Rockefeller? created an oil company, almost complete monopoly
George Westinghouse? formed Westinghouse electric company using new Technology
Booker T. Washington ? founded Tuskegee Institute born into slavery civil rights leader
Web Du Boise? Civil rights leader wanted immediate change racial discrimination
Susan B. Anthony? fought for women's right to vote ( women's suffrage)
How did Railroads help the United States economy? Made transportation faster and easier.
Why did immigrants come to the United States? Freedom, needed money for family, and wanted jobs.
What is Ellis Island? Immigration station for European immigrants ( off the east coast- of New York).
What is Angel Island? Immigration station for Asian immigrants ( off the west coast- San Francisco)
What caused Labor unions to start? Poor working conditions, low wages, long hours,and dangerous working conditions.
What is Mechanization? using machines to work,working faster required fewer people, more crops , and more money from crops.
What is Rapid Urbanization and industrialization ? Cities became over crowded , diseases spread, more jobs , lees space for kids to play.
What three groups suffered prejudice? African Americans , Chinese , and Irish.
How Did the Jim Crow Laws Affect African Americans? It denied them, and couldn't allow them to vote and have the same rights as men.
What Was The Great Migration? African Americans traveled north to find better lives.
What Was Women's Suffrage What Were Some They Could Now Do? Some of the New things that women could now do was that they were allowed to vote.
Created by: campbp45
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