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Marketing Principles

The process of planning, pricing, promoting, selling and distributing products Marketing
Ideas, Goods and Services Traditional Marketing Products
Goods, Services and Entities Sport Marketing Products
Recognized sports televised in prime time had to be more than sport, but also entertainment Roone Arledge
Marketing sporting products to sport consumers 1st Thrust
Marketing other consumer products through sport promotions 2nd Thrust
Evolution of Sport Broadcasting, Product Extensions/Promotional Strategies, Growth of Sport Sponsorship and Birth of Research in Sports Marketing 4 Historical Developments in Sports Marketing
People have wants/needs which are satisfied with products. Marketing creates the demand for these products The Big Picture
Recognized the success and profitability of a franchise can not depend on the success of the team to generate capacity crownds Bill Veeck
People Want To Be Entertained, Promotions Must Create Conversation Afterwards, People Want A Great Atmosphere Veecks 3 Philosophies
The aquisition of rights to affiliate or directly associate with a product or event for the purpose of deriving benefits related to that affiliation Sponsorship
The earliest pioneer in sports sponsorship; 1st marketer to capitalize on the term "official" Albert Spalding
Started endorsement deals; Created IMG, the first sport marketing agency Mark McCormack
Taking endorsement deals to a new level; extremely successful packaging the brand, product, advertising, and athlete into one personality Nike
People identify with sports; they have a personal commitment and emotional involvement with sport organizations Fan Identification
Increasingly difficult for sponsors to be recognized and achieve the benefits of sponsorship Cluttered Marketplace
Credited with formalizing research in the sport industry Matt Levine
Doing something for the organization and recieving a free item Audience Audit
Discussion groups with 8 to 12 people with similar characteristics discussing a predetermined sports topic Focus Group
Interviews in heavy traffic areas such as malls; use a visual aid and the interviewee's reaction to it Pass-By Interviews
The controllable variables a company puts together to satisfy a target group Marketing Mix
Product, Price, Place, Promotion The 4 P's of Marketing
Choosing what to sell Product
What is exchanged for the product Price
Getting it into the customer's hands Place
How the customer will be told about the product Promotion
When an organization markets its products to every possible consumer in the marketplace Mass Marketing
Process if identifying subgroups of the overall marketplace base on a variety of factors Segmentation
A subgroup of the overall marketplace that has certain desirable traits Target Market
Statistics such as age, income, ethnicity, gender or educational backround Demographic
Statistics such as region or zip codes Geographic
Statistics such as preferences or behaviors...values, beliefs, lifestyle, activities, habits Psychographic
Popular bases for segmentation in sports Ethnic Marketing and Generational Marketing
Direct contact, face-to-face presentation; seller persuades buyer Personal Selling
One way communication; pay to promote products Advertising
Media exposure thats free; Desadvantage: One has no control over what is written Publicity
Special activities to increase sales; includes a customer incentice or gimmick Sales Promotion
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