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Common Volleyball Terminology

Ace A serve is made without the opposing team touching the ball.
Block A defensive play in which the defending team jumps at the net to stop the ball from falling onto their court or to lessen the force of the ball arriving.
Carrying the ball. Occurs when the ball rests momentarily in the players hands. This is illegal
Dig a pass made with the hand slightly cured or with the fist of one hand usually on a difficult play.
Double Foul Infraction of rules by both teams during the same play.
Dink A soft shot off the fingertips used when faking a spike
Pass A pass is made off the forearms. If it is used to play served balls, hard hits or any low balls.
Free ball A return of a ball by the opponent that may easily be handled
Kill a spike that cannot be returned
mine the word a player uses to call the ball. This lets the team know that he/ she has the intention of playing the ball
rotation clockwise shifting of the players when gaining the ball from the opponents
serve the method of putting the ball in play over the net by striking it with the hand
setter person assigned to set the ball
side out situation in which the opposing team gets the serve
spike a ball hit with a strong downward force into the opponents court
volley a pass made by contacting the ball above and in front of the head with the pads of the fingers
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