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US 11

Chapter 6

tariff tax on foreign imported goods
interest an extra sum of money that borrows have
strict construction belief that gov't should not do anything that the constitutuion does not specifically say it can
loose construction belief that gov't can do anything the constitution does not prohibit
neutral not taking sides in a dispute
Jay's Treaty between U.S. & Britian - Britian sought to improve trade relations
Whiskey Rebellion caused by opposition to whiskey tax
political party 2 party, democrat and republicans...get candiates elected to public office
Alexander Hamilton's program U.S. would borrow from European countries to help pay off war debts.
French Revolution divided Americans; Federalists opposed it and others viewed it as an extension of the American Revolution
XYZ Affair American refusal to pay bribe to the French; increase Patriotism
John Adams enacted the Alien and Sedition Acts that gave the president the power to arrest and deport citizens of other countries.
Election of 1880 Nation turned from Federalist interests to "Jeffersonian ideas" on liberty.
Marbury v Madison Supreme court case to decide whether laws passed by Congress are constitutional
Louisiana Purchase Jefferson purchased Louisiana from Napoleon for $15 million increasing both the national debt and the size of the U.S.
Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804, search the river routes to the western ocean and gather information
Jefferson lowered taxes; cut the size of federal bureaucracy;cut size of army...he believed that he should be able to appoint judges from his own party
Battle of Fallen Timbers General "Mad Anthony"Wayne led his army in 1794 and conquered Little Turtle's army.
Treaty of Greenville 2/3 of Ohio are given to the Americas by the Native Americans as a stipulation of the loss of Battle of Fallen Timbers
assimilation the merging of one culture to another culture
Battle of Tippecanoe Nov. 7, 1811 lasted 2 hours and neither side won
War of 1812 war between American & Great Britian; President Madison urges Congress to delcar war on Britian and claims that Britian interfers with U.S. shipping
Issues leading to Missouri Compromise 1787 NW Ordinance-no slaves NW of Ohio River; federal gov't had no right telling states what to do.
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