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Ch. 9 LA History

Ch. 9 Louisiana History

What is the number of slaves who live and work for a single master called? Holding
What is another term for the right to vote? Franchise
Who is the ONLY Louisiana candidate to be elected President of the U.S.? Zachary Taylor
Which political party emerged to oppose the Democratic Party during the Antebellum Period? Whigs
What do the cities of Donaldsonville, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans have in common? They were all the state capital at one point in our history.
Which political party was supported by sugar planters because of their support of tariffs that would make their sugar more competitive? Whigs
What is a long open porch, usually with a roof, which was an important feature of plantation homes? Veranda
Who is credited with being one of LA's most effective antebellum governor? Andre Bienvenue Roman
Which 2 crops were primarily responsible for the success of the port of New Orleans during the Antebellum Period? Cotton and Sugar
Which invention increased the use of LA's waterways for transporting people and goods during the Antebellum Period? Steamboat
How did the American Party maintain political control in New Orleans during the late antebellum period? Through force and intimidation
On which day of the week were slaves allowed to gather and socialize in New Orleans? Sunday
Which group of immigrants came to LA after a series of potato famines in their home country? Irish
What do you call a large group of slaves who were marched overland from the Upper South to the Deep South, with men chained together and women/children closely supervised? Coffle
What type of instrument was NOT permitted on plantations, as it might insight a rebellion? Drums
What political candidate was referred to as the choice of the common man? Andrew Jackson
Which immigrant group was largely responsible for the construction of the New Basin Canal? Irish
How did slaves ensure the survival of their cultural practices? Though an oral tradition of story-telling and songs.
What were some various jobs of urban slaves? Dock hand, Day Laborer, Tavern Manager
Who was the architect that designed the "old" state capitol in Baton Rouge? James Dakin
What is the time in 19th-century America before the Civil War began in 1861 often referred to as? Antebellum Period
What is the financial representative of a plantation owner known as? Factor
Why did the people of North LA not want New Orleans as the capital of Louisiana? They felt the large population of Creoles would have too much influence over the state's politics.
What was the area where slaves lived and gathered on the plantation to cook, talk, sing, dance, etc. known as? Slave Quarters
Why did the Know Nothing Party oppose immigration? They blamed immigrants for the rise in unemployment of American workers.
How did LA's economy change from 1820 to 1860? The economy grew at an astounding rate due to sugar and cotton crops and the invention of the cotton gin.
Which political party had the following beliefs? *support business and banking *support all internal improvements to the infrastructure to better the economy Whigs
Which political party had the following beliefs? *against immigration *anti-Catholic Know Nothings
Which political party had the following beliefs? *small government *the common man *support of the universal manhood suffrage Democrats
What was one effect of the invention of the steam boat? Private investors began constructing canals in order to collect tolls from users.
What crop required a large plantation, expensive processing equipment, hard work, and numerous slaves to be profitable? Sugar
What crop could be grown in any part of the state on any size plantation? Cotton
True or False. The role of a slave in a large holding would have been more specialized than that of a slave in a small holding. True
What is the granting of voting privileges to all free, white men who had reached the age of 21 known as? Universal Manhood Suffrage
What was the white man who acted as manager of the slaves and farming operations of a plantation called? Overseer
As a result of the ethnic tensions and differences in New Orleans, how was it divided? It was split into 3 separate districts (municipalities) within the city.
What is the correct chronological order of Louisiana's state capitol? New Orleans to Donaldsonville to New Orleans to Baton Rouge
How did legislators ensure that Baton Rouge would remain the capital of LA? They allocated funds for the design and construction of a very impressive capitol building.
Why was New Orleans referred to as "Queen City of the South"? During the Antebellum Period, it became the nation's 2nd largest/busiest port.
What do head and master statutes imply about the role of women in antebellum LA? Women were seen as incapable of political or social leadership.
Why was sugar ONLY grown in southern LA? It required a longer, warmer growing season that the northern region could not provide.
True or False. Slavery in the South decreased during the Antebellum Period. False
True or False. Under Jacksonian Democracy, individual citizens ("common man") should be given more power. True
Why were Irish immigrants often hired instead of slaves to do dangerous jobs? They were seen as disposable and less valuable than slaves.
Which immigrants would be allowed to vote under universal manhood suffrage and greatly impact the election results? Germans and Irish
What is the development of the infrastructure of a region known as? Internal Improvements
What is another word for the roads, bridges, railroads, and canals of a region? Infrastructure
What would determine the market and value of a particular slave? Age, skills, health
What are the laws under which a woman's husband became her head and master upon marriage, as her father had been before it, known as? Head and master statutes
Created by: Esther Landry
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