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cammie geo review

geo test review

what effect do the andes mountains have on the terrain on South America can be wet on one side and dry on the other creates cold envirenments
what's the significance of the isthumus of panama built the Panama Canal built between pacific and alantic oceans easier land to trade between North America and South America
what is isthumus narrow strip of land that connects 2 bigger land strips
what agricultural method created more land for farming in mountainous areas terracing farming happend in fria
what are the 4 altitudinal zones of the andes caliente templada fria helada
what is the snow line and where do you find it where there's snow year round in helada
what is a tree line and where do you find it highest point where trees are, trees don't grow above that line in fria
what is the significance of the columbian exchange exchange of crops and animals between old and new lands
what continents make up the old world europe asia africa
what continents make up the new world North America South America
what did the old world bring to the new world animals, diseases few crops, religion language
what did the new world bring to the old world crops potatoes tabacco corn tomatoes
what was the name of "what did the old world bring to the new world" "what did the new world bring to the old world" triangle trade
which countries were involved with nafta and what was its impact United States, Canada, Mexico to get rid of taxis/tariffs
what does nafta stand for North America free trade agreement
which countries were involved with Mercosur and what was its impact Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru to promote free trade and the movement of goods, people, and currency.
what is the main motivation in the cutting down of the rainforest loggers are the main problem use it for good soil/land houses, furniture more land
what method do local farmers use to prepare fields for new crops slash and burn
where do most people live in South America and why along the coast warm temperatures and abundant rainfall
what are reasons to leave your country war, famine natural disasters, disease government unfairness, no jobs
what makes you want to go to a new country freedoms, jobs family, education safety, opportunities
why do Brazilians speak Portuguese Brazil because Brazil was a Portuguese colony.
why are there so many africans in South America slave trade
agricultural commercial industry breeding, crop production, farm machinery, processing, seed supply, marketing and retail sales.
cottage industry working from their homes, part time. such as sewing, lace-making, wall hangings, or household manufacturing.
what is the capital/area of Maya capital- Tikal area- southern Mexico
what is the capital/area of aztec capital- Tenochtitlan area- Mexico
what is the capital/area of Inca capital- Cusco area- peru
caliente crop coffee, bananas
templada crop potatoes
Created by: jennifer.xo



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