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Chapter 2 History

The Expansion and Fall of Rome

Republic Power rests with the citizens who vote for their leaders.
Augustus The 1st emperor of Rome.
Empire A group of different cultures or territories led by a single all powerful ruler.
Emperor The ruler of an empire.
Christianity A religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.
Constantine Roman emperor who moved the capital to Byzantium.
Clovis Leaser of the Franks, who conquered the Roman province of Gaul and founded his own kingdom.
Byzantine Empire The Eastern Roman Empire after the fall of the Western Empire.
Justinian I The ruler of the Byzantine Empire from 527-565.
Justinian Code Legal code created during the rule of Emperor Justinian
Schism An official split between the Eastern and Western churches
Roman Catholic Christian church in the west.
Orthodox Christian church in the East
Mosaic A picture made out of small colored tiles or pieces of glass
Stoicism Stressed the importance of virtue, duty, and endurance in life.
Aqueduct A bridge-like structure designed to bring fresh water into cities and towns.
Where was the original settlement of Rome built on (River) Tiber
The Romans drove Tarquin from power because they wanted a government guided by.... The will of the people
The emperor who led Rome in an era known as the Pax Romana Augustus
Which attacks were outlawed under the rule of Constantine? Christians
The year 476 brought the fall of the ...... Western Roman Empire
Who put the legal system in place that served the Byzantine Empire for hundreds of years The Pope
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