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GH FrenchRevol

Nagle Study Guide

Bastille a fortress and military prison in Paris
Great Fear A time of panic at the start of the French Revolution
Jacobins A group in the government who wanted extreme change
Guillotine A machine used to behead people
Old Regime "Old Rule," a period of time before the French Revolution began
Reign of Terror The most harsh, violent stage of the French Revolution
Maximilien Robespierre Leader of the Jacobins
King Louis XVI (16th) Absolute monarch of France up to the French Revolution
Directory A less extreme government that came after the Reign of Terror
Napoleon Bonaparte French Emperor who seized power in 1799
Coup d'etat Sudden takeover of a government
Blockade Cutting off of trade with another country
Continental System Napoleon's plan to cut off trade with Britain
Napoleonic Code Napoleon's set of laws
Estate a social class in France, before the French Revolution
revolution A significant change from the past
revolt To fight against government or authority
rebel The process of fighting against one’s government
tyranny A single ruler who rules absolutely in a cruel way
Abuse of power Misuse of one’s power, especially government figures
inequality Unequal; unfair
tradition Something passed down from generation to generation
citizen A resident of a town, or city
discontent A lack of satisfaction
taxation Requiring people to pay the government
commoner A regular, lower-class person



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