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7 Hist Ch 6 WS BJU

Anabaptists Protestants who insisted that only adult baptism conformed to Scripture
Bohemia John Huss was a native of this country
Castiglione Wrote The Courtier which was about education and manners.
Constantinople the fall of this city contributed to a revival of learning in Europe
da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
Edict of Nantes document issued by Henry of Navarre that granted religious freedom in France
Erasmus publisher of a Greek New Testament
excommunication The taking away of a person's right of membership in a Christian church
Florence, Italy Lorenzo de Medici was from this city
France John Calvin was from this country.
Gothic Architecture Characterized by pointed arches, high ceilings, flying buttresses, and large stained-glass windows
Huguenots French Protestants
humanities Areas of study that focus on human life and culture, such as history, literature, and ethics
In Praise of Folly written by Erasmus, criticized the problems of the Church
indulgence a pardon releasing a person from punishments due for a sin
Inquisition A Roman Catholic tribunal for investigating and prosecuting charges of heresy
Italy Country where the Renaissance began
Jesuits Catholic religious order founded to stop the Reformation & reverse growth of Protestant converts
John Wycliffe English scholar who argued that the Bible was the final authority for Christian life
Latin and Greek the two languages people were learning and books were in written during the Renaissance
Leo X Pope who authorized the sale of indulgences
Machiavelli wrote The Prince
Martin Luther a German monk who became one of the most famous critics of the Roman Chruch. In 1517, he wrote 95 theses, or statements of belief attacking the church practices. He was excommunicated by the church.
Michelangelo Painted the Sistine Chapel
More author of Utopia; he was an English official under Henry VIII
Ninety-Five Theses Document written by Martin Luther and posted on a church door in Germany that listed 95 things that Luther saw wrong with the church
Petrarch Father of Humanism
Pope Julius II pope that Saint Peter did not welcome into heaven in Eramus' intro to the Greek New Testament
printing press 15th century invention which revolutionized the ability to print information which in turn affected the speed of the spread of information itself. It was invented by Johannes Gutenberg.
Protestant a member of a Christian church founded on the principles of the Reformation that began in Germany
rebirth Definition of Renaissance
recant to withdraw a statement or belief to which one has previously been committed, renounce, retract
Renaissance Architecture Characterized by colums, round arches, the tunnel vault and the dome.
Renaissance education type of education whose goal is to encourage students to become interested in different subjects
Renaissance Sculpture back to concepts of Greek & Roman classics - marble, nude, accurate body
Romans 1:17 "The just shall live by faith" scripture that led to Luther's salvation
Switzerland civil war began in this country between those loyal to Rome and those loyal to the Reformation
The Thirty Years' War last great religious war in Europe
transubstantiation Roman Church belief that the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Christ.
Zwingli Swiss theologian whose sermons began the Reformation in Switzerland (1484-1531)
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